Wednesday, August 20, 2008

High Tide or No Tide

Family. Well, I have my immediate lovies...then the 150 doctors who are now integrated into my days. It's amazing how motivated people are here, and how much they want to help you. I know I am going to succeed. I love them all so much, and I never thought I would be truly happy anywhere. I miss my mom, dad, brother, a spatter in Gainesville, a load in Jax, my family in the North and far West, and of course a trio of faithfuls in Orlando. I am encompassed with a wealth of knowledge and culture, just things you couldn't wrap your mind around in a million years purely through my descriptions. I thought I would miss just physical contact, but I have already hugged half of the class. If you know me, I have been dubbed a "hug whore" for lack of a professional term.
Even living in flats/dorms again does not bother me. Well I lied, the water pressure is like showering in a drinking fountain....I still think there is shampoo in my hair.

I am already studying around 6 hours a day, with the six hours of class, and 7 hours of sleep = 5 hours to eat and live....It's not forever, but I can totally deal with the stress. My classes are Gross Anatomy and Development, Histology (GROSS!), Medical Biochemistry, and Bioethics (AHHHHH!). They consist of 10 books, 2 dicitonaries, 4 course packs, 4 labs with their manuals, a few cold bodies (which I can't keep), and countless charts and stacks of 500 flashcards. The catch? It will all be in my head by December 8Th. HA! It's OK, I didn't know it would be that crazy either.
I am going to my first NEWCASTLE UNITED FOOTBALL game! (Oh, SO excited!!!) It is this Saturday, and their are 40 of us going. I have a feeling it will be a GREAT ending to the first week of school. Speaking of which, I need my sleep. I once again plead for you to get on SKYPE if you love me, I would love to see a familiar face!


Mr. J said...

hug whore. ha!

my neck still hurts from time to time, no thanks to you!

All Art is Quite Useless said...

HAHA, I can't believe you remember that!

You deserved it. =)