Saturday, August 30, 2008

...And The Battle Begun

Newcastle is the party center of England, so we decided to dabble Friday night. We ran into our Histology professor in the Gate district outside of Tiger Tiger, and he ended up joining us for a few hours dancing and sweating the last few days of endless studying. You can get away with anything here, I've never really gone OUT in a city this size, and I have seen things I would never see (never want to see?) in America. The big thing over here is ballerina outfits and masks, not to mention the amount of neon would make Las Vegas jealous. I don't think there are many cities that could come close to the nightlife here. If I had a pound every time I saw a pub, I would have medical school paid for in its entirety. I have so many weekends to explore, it's going to be hard to tear away from England to explore elsewhere. I need a few more years here! I'm going to The Sage to see Bon Iver with Hayden and Val (plus many more) in a couple of weeks for less than 20 dollars. The music scene over here is out of this world! I am also going to see a Rugby game for the first time in my life, with trips to Germany, Ireland, and Scotland before Christmas. It's up to one good trip a month, I can't believe this is actually happening!

I want everyone to imagine meeting a groups of people just like themselves, and then plan out all of the amazing things that could happen over the course of four years. I am well on my way into Never, Never Land and I don't want to come back.

Don't worry, I spend 30-40 hours a week in class and another 10 in Anatomy lab with the cadavers (not that scary in person, even dead person), plus 20 or so individual study hours. Is it sick to say I love this?

Note: I will probably post another 30 white coat ceremony pictures, along with videos, because that weekend was one of the best in my life. The other photos are from the rendezvous Friday, and the infamous wig that will be worn for the urinary tract presentation to be given a month from now. Don't worry, that video WILL be posted.


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