Monday, August 25, 2008

Headlights look like Diamonds

Things aren't so different on this side of the Atlantic. Well I study more, I struggle to translate English, I always carry an umbrella, and my palate has changed a little (Fish and Chips with black vinegar is to DIE for). I've decided that all of my good qualities have been enhanced, I can't wait to go to school, and in a sick way....I enjoy what I am learning, yes I like to study.

The people here are so smart it would make your head spin, imagine going to class where everyone listens and participates, ultimately to become exactly what you want to be when they grow up. It's surreal and an Utopia in a way, and I am still impressed by my colleagues drive and it fuels my need to learn more. It also helps to be in England, I still look at a map sometimes and wonder how the hell I got over here.

Some things to remind me of home? Rock climbing! I have lost so much finger strength and my endurance is shot, but it felt so good to get on a wall with my Katanas (courtesy of Kaleigh) and make up my own routes. Needless to say, the lactic acid build up in my shoulders was the best burn I have felt in quite some time. Surfing! Liz has a board and the predicted waves weren't so good this weekend, but there is still the rest of September...after that hypothermia will deter me from the water for a while. Football! (Don't ever, EVER, ever call it soccer here.) I went to the Newcastle United V. Bolton game Saturday, (1-0) left the fans cheering in tongues I still cannot translate. I spent the first half learning how to cheer, it really sounds like gibberish, but they have a Christmas carol...marching song....references to Spiderman, the Gator Football games don't have a leg to stand on when compared to the 50,000+ screaming in St. Jame's Park. It was SO LOUD, you have no idea. I was also run over by a horse when the cop lost control of him (as you can see in the above picture), other than that I felt safe surrounded by the season ticket hooligans surrounding me. I also got the only goal on video, check it out!

Well I have to give a 2 hour presentation with microscope slides teaching my histology lab classmates epithelial cells/connective tissue with Bela and Haley, so enough chatter. Cheers!

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