Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Avalanche

Where have I been? Well besides having snow dumped on me....

I am officially 1/8th doctor. Like a measuring cup, I am slowly filling with little factoids and truths of the human body with all of its problems.
Sad point. I came out with 3 A's and 1 B. Not what I wanted, but I'll keep it up. I think I just had a tiny mental breakdown in the middle of finals. Shit happens. I feel like that is my new life motto.
I am home. As I type this from a mattress on my semi-packed home surrounded by my two cats, one dog, one brother and a slew of electronics and books. Oh happy, I've gained five pounds in the past 5 days. I can't stop eating real food.
I've gone hiking and run outside for about an hour a day now. Hopefully, I can start racing again. As soccer is way to time consuming, rock climbing is a pain to get to/expensive!, and swimming is impossible with the weather....I'll stick to running. It's free, and I'm exploring more. Plus Sadie (my pup) loves walking my cool down with me.
I'll be in Florida in a few days, and I'm a little jaded about the whole trip. Don't get me wrong, the beach is in my blood. I feel like my re-fueling session with be a solo trekk. I just want to ride a bike around the beach, run riverside by the Elin's house and gawk at the Christmas lights, hang out with Jess again, just see everyone. Sorry I don't feel like dropping 30 names. I just can't wait to not sleep and be surrounded. I really need a boost to get through another semester in the motherland.
Ok, I've got my brother and a board game to tend to. Until Christmas!