Friday, July 11, 2008

Calling All Skeletons!

If you were ever wondered whether or not the conductors actually jump off of trains and yell this...I can speak from a recent experience, yes they do. It was 8:10 in the morning and I was on my way to Philadelphia, city of Brotherly Love, and current outskirt to my aunt and uncle's abode located in the "mountains" of Allentown.
My first recommendation is a soft pretzel, no mustard necessary. Walking off of the 6-hour train ride (and no, they don't feed you), it was the initial aroma that took over my nostrils. I found my uncle in his red Hawaiian shirt (God I love my family!), and took off into Amish-land.
I get really giddy when I lose cell phone reception. It's like a consistent game I play, because I seem to be the happiest when I am completely out of touch. But then I miss my friends, it's a Catch-22.
I really enjoyed vi sting my Aunt Laura and Uncle B, especially now that their only daughter Megan is getting older we got to talk and do things. Also they own two HUGE dogs, a 125 pound St. Bernard named Trixie and a 150 pound Newfoundland named Padme (yes...Star Wars...sigh). If you know me, you know I LOVE dogs, so I got my fill of drool and dog hair while I was away from Sadie. (Sadie is my Golden Retriever, a mere 70 pounds).
I haven't seen my Dad's sister since high school graduation, so the week with them was fun and knowledgeable. I got to catch up with the ghosts on my Papa's side and look at embarrassing pictures of my Dad, all in the serene mountain living environment my Aunt's home provides.
I got to tour the historical district of Philly, Bethlehem, and Allentown. I HATE history, but I love going to see where things happen. To go into the church where they held the Liberty Bell, well that's a thousand times more entertaining than reading a book on it. This could just be me....
I did my usual raiding the espresso bars and bookstores, as well as the cutest art school that beholds the casting of Da Vinci's anatomically correct bronze sculpture of a horse. Laura and I ate at this AMAZING sushi bar, and then hiked around the area near the forget what deer look like living in Gainesville, but when they just leap out from trees Bambi is not the first image that crosses your mind. Just putting that out there....
Well, I need to be up early to pack as I am heading off for Maine around 4 in the morning Sunday, with my wrecked ankle...I will post more soon!

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