Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm the Pop and Loch ness Monster

God, I miss writing. I got jittery in Maine without my computer, I wonder if there is an AA for the internet? I just finished reading "A million little pieces", which of course is a partial-sham rehab recovery memoir by James Frey. Oprah called him out on national television, which was pretty amusing. I wanted to read the book anyways, and formulate my own opinion. Seriously, he never claimed it to be nonfiction, and if was entertaining, even though it seemed repetitive in spots. There was a part in the book where he rips his toenail off (Grossly captivating!), but you can still connect to him in this sick satisfying way. We are all addicted to something, be it facebook/myspace/our own faces/music/dancing/attention/sex/drugs/beer/school, some are just more socially acceptable than others. I guess what I am trying to say, is go read it. Even if you think you are perfect you can connect with this idea of James, and maybe fight your own demons.

Maine was not what I wanted it to be. How do you describe 10 days visiting your inspiration to become a doctor wasting away in an urine colored hospital that smelled of about-to die? I haven't seen many of my faimly members since I was a freshman in high school, so it was a big surprise seeing my cousins old and independent. I was still on crutches, so all of my outside activities were cancelled, including the perfect opportunity to rip Old Orchard Beach on Apple's surf board. (Apple is my uncle's friend that owns Surf 6, right on the Pier). The gigantic thunderstorm closed down the beaches, so I didn't have to pout for long.

The weather is surreal. When I think of utopia, it's 70 degrees with a 10 on the humidity index, mountains behind me with a beach in the front. This is my Maine, how I will remember it, and how I hope to see it in the future. Enter the Serenity Prayer (ironically present in both books I just read, Slaughterhouse-5 and the Frey novel), I am slowly learning my levels of familial love.
Also, to those I left behind in Florida reading this, I miss your faces terribly. You learn a lot about yourself spending a month away from everyone, not to mention who cares for you in return. (Hint: e-mail me your locations so I can shower you with surprises.)

I'll write on Chi-town later, to which I owe nothing but adoration. 6 Days until I float across the pond...(!)


Mr. J said...

same thoughts on frey's book. i wrote something totally off topic when i read it years ago. i should share it sometime.

All Art is Quite Useless said...

then share!