Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt

So, I decided that mass e-mail wasn't the best way to continue communications. I don't want to end up in your junk-mail folder because you didn't have the heart to tell me that you couldn't stomach anymore pictures of the English countryside. The solution to this problem became obvious when I was typing in my personal journal, why not blog? If you want to keep in touch, just bookmark the page. I promise to update it at least once a week, except during finals...

If you do want me to drop you a personal line, you can still e-mail me at my new address Just don't expect a rapid response.

Also, the content of this journal is going to contain my opinions of my travels and may not be suitable for young eyes. If you can't stomach it, we can always shoot for snail mail! I am a sucker for postcards, and I would love to spend a substantial amount of my loan money buying them for you. As soon as my new flat location is known, I will pass the information!


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