Friday, January 9, 2009

Rapper's Delight

I'm back in Newcastle. This jet lag was horrendous. Although I found no time to sleep on the 15 hours I was in the air, I made some crazy play lists. I'll put one up later.
My body still thinks it's 9 o'clock...when it's almost 3 am. CRAP!
School is back in session in Monday, and I couldn't be less excited. I have gone out the past couple of nights just to be social, and stay out of the house I'll be in for the next 5 months avoiding the library.

There were a few things that made the trip here easier. I have a place to live, I know my way around, I have friends here who greeted me with hugs and coffee, and I actually missed them.
I still can't help but have my doubts about medical school, as the word "forever" is starting to sink in....and my biological clock ticks on. Do I want a family? I have friends that are married with kids, and the only thing that I am guaranteed is 3 1/2 solid years of studying with the same group of people that are more familial then marriage material. I am from the south, just not that "southern".
Well...I need to take more advantage of my location. How many people can hop on a plane to Paris for the weekend? And yes, I'm doing this in three weeks. The Madrid to see my cousin very soon, I need a strong dose of optimism. Is this considered self-medicating?
I just remember being on the beach with Sam and Rachael, in the heat with paint and canvas, not a care in the world. I like being care-free and warm, is that so much to ask? So, we ran to a "Miami bar" with the coolest drinks I've ever seen and I completely let myself go on the dance floor. I was dancing until my feet were so cramped that standing was a challenge. Did I mention they played early 90s rap? ODB and I had a wonderful evening together.

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