Saturday, November 8, 2008

Funky Bahia


I haven't really gone anywhere, been too busy finding out what Newcastle has to offer me...mostly in the area of housing!

I am now a tenant in a 6 bedroom townhouse, with 5 of my finest nerd friends, 20 minutes from doorstep to my seat in class (NO MORE METRO!), a real living room, huge kitchen, a patio, restaurants that aren't Indian, and a washing machine in the house! You have no idea how much the little things in life are taken for granted, and don't get me wrong...I love Indian food, but that's every other dining place here. I think it has something to do with that whole Imperialism era thingy?

I felt in the light of the election, my past birthday, and looming finals in 4 weeks, this the opportune moment for a memory dump.

First and foremost, Ben James! I love Kings of Leon, and I don't care how whiny you thought they were, I've seen them before and plan on seeing them again. As stated previously, finals are close to the I may have to hold off. Ryan Adams is Tuesday, and for lack of vocabulary, I AM STOKED.

Obama. Well, yeah. I didn't vote for him, and I don't want to lose any liberals friends...but I am still a Republican, moderate none the less. Between the taxes, loss of loan money, and possible socialism of medicine....well let's not go there. Anyone is better than Bush, so I will be open and give him the chance. I only have to deal this for two years when I return to the States, I just hope I don't spend 30 years of my career paying off loans after working my ass off and completely giving up my soul and life to medicine. I didn't give up my life/friends/mental well being to be in debt up to my eyeballs the rest of my life, regardless of my love for medicine. We'll see America, we'll see.
Yeah, I'm 23 now. It was the most depressing birthday ever. I was in class from 9-6:30, went out to dinner with some of my loves, and then went home an studied. I am officially old. I had my mental breakdown that week and actually skipped a class (don't worry I watched it later on Sonic Foundry-oh, they record all of our lectures. All of my smart ass comments are forever engraved on the Internet.) I didn't realize how hard it was to be alone in a new country, everything is really foreign. No pun intended. Don't get me wrong, the change is fabulous, but there is no familiar. Enough of the pity me mode! Just contact me once in a while if we're friends, I may not write back right away, but your communication means more than you know. After my new friends realized my predicament, off to Floritas! Oh so many good memories, I actually got off my ass and had fun after 2 1/2 weeks of reading time. I forget that I'm human sometime, now I schedule fun time. Silly as it sounds, the gym and Friday nights after the library...they're all mine!
Halloween was fantastic! Party Tyne is the biannual party marking the halfway point in the semester. It fell close enough to the 31st for us to celebrate Halloween royally. We have our main formal dinner next Friday, so I have to plan my schedule accordingly. I feel a lot better now, and my group of friends is expanding. I even had an amazing coffee date with Heidi last Friday after 8 hours of class! I love meeting new people!
I've met some locals now. Sadly, everyone in S-bux knows me by name. Gladly, they keep my caffeinated at a great rate =). I've also started to branch out and try new cafes and little restaurants, Europe is amazing. I wouldn't trade this for the world.
Home in 5 weeks. I will have all A's, see you then!

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Mr. J said...

I warrant a mention in the blog of Miss Frantzy Pantz?! I feel so honored.

Much of my life would be in disarray too I feel had I made it to Korea as planned. You sound like you're doing well with it though. Glad to hear it!