Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All I Need

The beginning....
Yana Banana, my Aussie friend.
Guinness factory taste test! Yes, please~

It has been one hell of a week. Well, two or three now...Radiohead fits my mood.

Midterms have come and gone, I can't believe finals are in 7 weeks. School is flying, and I am already back into persistent study mode.

The weekend in Ireland (ooooh Dublin), was an experience of a lifetime. It seems like a dream now, two days with no school books....did it really happen? I made friends from Canada, Australia, Ireland, and I met some local Geordies on the plane who are coming to our Breast Cancer Awareness social Friday. So, school is back into the rotation that allows for weekends to be social again...just as long as I spend the majority of the week in the library.

Good news! I got all A's on my midterms, by the grace of God and multiple IV drips of caffiene. I started to hallucinate the last two days of 3 hours of sleep. 3 weeks of that, and you'd visualize little creatures in your armoire, too. Also, my Uncle Dicky is funding a trip for me to visit my cousin in Madrid. BONUS!

Bad news! Even though I got my Ryan Adams tickets, Kings of Leon sold out. My trip to Central Station turned fruitless, and Karan and I trekked back to the library empty handed with laden heart. I'm scalping that shit. I will be at that concert.

Other news: I have been really homesick lately. Feel free to drop me a line, send me some Florida love! Don't get me wrong, everything is amazing here...but nothing beats what you have back home. Well, maybe the traveling...but even vagabonds need to rest!

End transmission.

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Mr. J said...

so, i read this article in spin magazine about how kings of leon are huge across the pond. when i saw them at bonnaroo, they weren't that good. whiny little bitches, they were.

ok, that's all. congrats on kicking ass on your exams, frantzy pantz. stay well!